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Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Round Up

So it's been another productive month at Embroidery Emporium HQ! Lots more hoopla's made for my hoopla wall, another Craftster swap completed, and due to too much sewing I ended up having to take over a week off from stitching due to my hand being incredible painful and annoying! Anyway, here's what I have been up to.

5. Finish Jack Sparrow WIP.

Well, after sorting out my craft room and trying to tidy and organise everything, I finally find material and thread for this. Now just to find the magazine with the pattern!!

39. Expand the range of embroidery stitches that I feel confident with. (Currently only really happy with back stitch and satin stitch)

I've been working really hard to try out and experiment with other stitches that don't feel as comfortable with. I've been working on my French knots, long and short stitch, speckling, stem stitch and been using surface couching. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with French knots now, and am no longer scared to use them in my work!

41. Take better photographs of my work.

I bought one of these awesome light boxes after Christmas, and now that we are finally all settled into our new house, I finally have the space to set it up properly and use it more for taking photo's of my work.

43. Be more active on my facebook page -

My Facebook page is definitely the best place to keep up to date with projects that I am currently working on. It gets checked and used everyday and is usually the first place I upload finished project's to.

So I successfully managed to cross off a few more things from my 50 Projects list, so slowly getting through that at last, as well as completed lots of crafty projects not on the list, which will all get there own blog as soon as I can organise myself

Vicki x

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