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[Picture taken at Blickling Hall]

Embroidery Emporium was established in 2009 by Victoria Barnett.

I have been cross stitching since being taught how to sew as child, and love being creative. I started off with cross stitch, making small patterns for cards and then progressed onto larger cross stitch pieces. I make cards for any occasion, and never buy pre made ones. Recently I have started working with felt, making a variety of things from cards and cushions, to patches for baby blankets. When I need to make something in a short space of time I often use paper craft for card making.

I love hoop art of all forms, and am slowly creating a 'hoopla' wall. I love how you can create so much variety with this form of artwork! I also love geeky crafts. Be it video game themed like Pokemon or Portal, or film and television based.

Over the past two years I have become involved with historical interpretation – in particular the Tudor period. I re-create historical embroidery such as Blackwork for use on costumes, which is something I absolutely love doing. I ensure that all my embroidery is as historically accurate as possible, using the most authentic materials and patterns. All my historical embroidery is stitched by hand and eye, I never draw the pattern onto my material.

I take part in a variety of different historical events, often giving blackwork demonstrations in full Tudor kit.

I am very happy to take on commission work. I have a large pattern library and also draw out and create patterns of my own using different mediums.

I have a website and facebook account. See the links at the top of my blog.

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