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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hello from Embroidery Emporium

*waves* Hello!

I'm Vicki, aka. Embroidery Emporium.  I already have a blog over at my website - , but am hoping that by having a blog here which people can follow, I will actually remember to post in it more often!!  Currently attempting to copy across some of my existing blogs so bear with me :)

On here you will find writing, ramblings and general sewing madness from the life of a blackwork and embroidery obsessed reenactor.  Since meeting my partner 2 and a half years ago I have been thrown into a world of fantastic clothing and embroidery, wonderful events with wonderful people, and delving into many fascinating periods of history.  I am completely self taught in regards to my sewing, and only started blackworking after being requested to by a close friend.  Since the first collar I have started a total love affair with blackwork, and always find myself drooling over lovely embroidery in paintings, and have a list of "Things I most Definitely Have To Make" which is several pages long!!  Slowly working my way through that one!  I predict that will be a life long mission ...

Vicki x.

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