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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Twilight & Vintage Princess

Although I personally am not a massive fan of the Twilight Saga, my lovely cousin is!! For Christmas 2010 I *eventually* decided to make her this bag with the Twilight logo. The logo itself was pretty easy to turn into a chart. I found a high quality picture of what I wanted and turned it into a suitable cross stitch chart by using KG Stitch - which is a fabulous bit of software for anyone wanting a simple programme for pattern making :)

I was not happy with just having a plain and simple bag though! I found the lovely Vintage Princess a few months ago on Facebook and her creations immediately came to mind when I wanted to finish the bag off. I contacted Laura with what I wanted and she was brilliant!! I loooove what she came up with and think it looks fab on the bag :) Perfect! Here's a link for her website, which I recommend any of you reading this check out!! Her jewellery is amazing and she is so lovely and helpful - . Oh and make sure to find her on facebook too!!

Here be some piccies of he finished bag:

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