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Monday, 9 January 2012

50 Projects in 2012

So, inspired by a thread on Craftster that I missed the sign up date for I thought I would set my 50 craft challenges for the year, to help motivate my stitching when I am not working on commissions. In no particular order, here’s what I have so far -

1. Update my blog at least once a week.
2. Make pattern for Japanese wedding sampler.[Feb]
3. Stitch Japanese wedding sampler.
4. Finish dolphin WIP.
5. Finish Jack Sparrow WIP.
6. Start ‘Library Cat’ kit.
7. Start Buffy & Spike kit.[Feb]
8. Start Henry VIII & Wives kit.
9. Organise all my silk.
10. Sort out Viking outfit.
11. Sort out Medieval outfit.
12. Alter black Tudor outfit.
13. Make and embroider an Elizabethan Coif.
14. Blackwork Henrican coif.
15. Blackwork for Jason’s shift – collar and cuffs.
16. Make sleeves for brown Tudor outfit and alter it.
17. Cover for my Kindle.[Jan]
18. Try stumpwork.
19. Try crewelwork.
20. Learn to knit.
21. Make a Hogwart’s scarf.
22. Advertise and promote my website more.
23. Update photos in my work albums, and keep them up to date.
24. Improve the underside of my blackwork.
25. Add to hoopla wall.[Jan/Feb]
26. Tangled hoop.[Jan]
27. Wingardium Leviosa hoop.[Jan]
28. Glow in the dark Lumos hoop.
29. Deathly Hallows hoop.[Feb]
30. Felt Christmas stocking.
31. Finish Opeth WIP.[Feb]
32. Read more books on historical embroidery techniques.
33. Enter more craft challenges on DeviantArt.
34. Actually get enough courage to do my first swap on Craftster, instead of just reading all of the awesome ideas on the swap board and never entering one.
35. Go to more than 2 events this year.
36. Keep all the patterns on my laptop properly organised.
37. Make every card I give this year.
38. For my first piece of blackwork to sell on the stall.
39. Expand the range of embroidery stitches that I feel confident with. (Currently only really happy with back stitch and satin stitch)
40. Stop being terrified of doing French knots.[Feb]
41. Take better photographs of my work.
42. Keep my website up to date with pictures and blogs.
43. Be more active on my facebook page -
44. Set up an Etsy store.[Jan]
45. Set up a Folksy store.[Feb]
46. Hopefully get more blackwork commissions.
47. Update my Flickr account with all the pictures I meant to upload there last year.
48. Try my first cross stitch on linen instead of aida.[Feb]
49. Stitch a Christmassy cross stitch.
50. Make more of my own patterns.

Pheww, well I think that list of epic-ness will keep my going for several years!!! Haha!! Anyone else set themselves challenges or aims for the year?
Vicki x

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