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Monday, 16 January 2012

Embroidered Hankies

For Christmas I decided to embroider some hankies for my Nan. I bought Aimee Rays awesome Doodle Stitching books earlier in the year and loved pretty much all the designs in the book, so it was a pretty easy to find patterns I wanted to stitch. They took two evenings to stitch up, and are done using two strands of thread with backstitch and satin stitch. I drew the patterns on with a pencil, tracing the pattern from the book. Here's some close up shots -

I think this cat one is my favourite of the bunch :) ^^

(I actually have the same initials as both my Nan and Mum).

These were really fun to make, and very quick to stitch up. Will definitely be making some more :)

Thanks for reading, Vicki x


  1. These are lovely Vicki!

    How did you finish the back? I've got some tea towels that I haven't stitched yet due to this very reason.

    1. Thanks T.

      Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I just left the back open. I made a really determined effort to keep the back looking as tidy as the front :) Made by sewing a bit slower but was worth it as the only real difference was the little knots. I'll have to get a shot of the back next time I visit my Nan.