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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ghost Of A Girl

One of my favourite musicians at the moment is the awesome Christina Perri. I am totally in love with her new album which has so many beautiful beautiful songs on it. Whilst listening to her album I came up with the idea for several hoops based on her songs. This hoop is based on the song - The Lonely :

Over on Crafter () recently, they had a hoopla swap which had the theme negative space. After seeing all the amazing hoops - which you should all go check out - in the needlework section, I was really inspired to make a negative space hoop for my own hoopla wall. When I listened to The Lonely, I thought that some of the lyrics fitted in perfectly into that theme.

I drew up the pattern and then transferred it to some cotton fabric. It is all worked in two strands of DMC thread. I started by stitching the outline of the girls silhouette, and then worked the black surrounding it in long and short stitches. Finally I stitched the lyrics I am very small backstitch. I wrapped the hoop in black ribbon, and voila, another finished hoop.

Vicki x

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